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This is why Swann wireless cameras SUCK

I bought Swann ADW-200 wire less camera system from radio shack 2 years ago.

This was not a cheap system.

The last camera of 5 died today.

None of these cameras lasted longer than a year.

3 of 5 of the cameras lasted less then 6 months.

Radio Shack (who was blameless) took the warranty ones back.(I love you Radio Shack)

Once the warranty period was over...each and finally all have died.

They look like solid cameras but the problem with ALL of them is that they lose connection with the base unit.

This renders them USE LESS for anything as they have no wired output.

Swann wireless cameras SUCK don't waste your money

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I agree!! I have been fighting to Swann since three months ago, they offer 18 months warranty and now they say I never registered my product!!!

I have the email their system sent but they keep saying I'm a dummy that registered my product to a different company.

Have the 9 cameras system and only 3 are still working. Worst customer service ever!

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